Shots for older pets

I have some lady telling me that I don’t need to get my 4 1/2 year old yorkie shots anymore because you folks are stating that shots are killing older pets.


Answer from Dr. Gaylord Brown:
Research indicates that pets are being over vaccinated. There is good evidence that this excess can cause health problems in older pets. This does not mean that animals do not need vaccinations. The risk of disease is real. What it does mean is that your dog may not need every vaccine known to man and may not need them as frequently as once thought. We use a series of vaccines as a puppy, followed by a booster a year latter; then vaccines every three years. Which vaccines used are based on what is prevalent in your area. The base for dogs are distemper, parvo, and rabies. The base for cats are feline distemper, respiratory disease, and rabies. Beyond that it depends on the risk factors in your area. This requires consultation with your veterinarian.



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