Question about my 18 year old poodle’s bloody stool

Powder is 18, has cataracts, both eyes but get around very well. Every 7-10 days, she will not want to eat and then has a liquid bloody stool. She won’t eat for another day or so, but then next day eats and is fine with normal stool until this repeats. She has a heart murmur, (vet pills made her throw up) a small benign tumor on her chest, sleeps a lot. What could cause the blood & is there something I can give her for the blood?


Answer from Dr. Gaylord Brown:
The episodic nature of the blood leads me to believe there is some type of polyp or tumor in the bowel that is bleeding on occasion. She needs a GI work up, staring with blood work and radiographs. A bowel emollient may give symptomatic relief, but is unlikely to effect a cure. Peptobismol tablets at a rate of 1/2 tablet three times daily during bouts may make her feel better.



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