Purple Blister on Dog Prepuce

I have a 4yr old neutered Chihuahua that I found has a purple/blood like blister on the top of his prepuce just on the outside of the opening to his penis in the hair area. I very gently squeezed it and maybe a tiny bit of puss came out just below the purple area, but no blood. It looks like a blood blister we get when we’ve injured our finger. I’ve just left it alone after I did that. It doesn’t appear to cause him pain. I called my vet, but he can’t see him until next week. Should I be concerned about this? I took a photo of it, if you would like to see it.


Answer from Dr. Gaylord Brown:
There are a few possibilities for a lesion like this on your dog. It may be an infection of a hair follicle, a benign skin growth, or a malignancy like hemangiosarcoma. It definitely needs to be seen by your veterinarian. Until your appointment keep the lesion clean twice daily with a skin antiseptic such as chlorhexidine or betadine


Reply to Dr Brown’s answer:
Thank you for your reply. Since I wrote this question, over the weekend, my dog has been on/off licking that area. The purple is now gone and it seems to be healing. Just a very small open hole is left where the purple was. It looks normal except for that. Hoping it was just a hair follicle issue. I will still call my vet and have him seen to make sure.


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