Question about my mini golden doodle who is 3 1/2 years old and 20 pounds

She has allergies and is scratching and then bites herself. The Vet gave her Simplicef antibiotic and it gave her loose stool and now diarrhea. She was eating Natural Balance chicken and Sweet potato and I add chicken breast that I buy at the market. My aunt who recommended you very highly suggested Caster & Pollack Organics, Chicken and Brown Rice which I am going to give her 1/2 can – My vet prescribed Hills Prescription but I was not happy with ingredients. Do you think the Organics is good? What about cooking for her, chicken and brown rice? My husband died recently and she is a rescue dog.


Answer from Dr. Gaylord Brown:
The diet change will only help if that is the source of the allergy. We recommend Heska testing to reliably determine the source of the allergy. Chicken and brown rice, along with a multivitamin/mineral supplement, would be considered hypo-allergenic only if your dog is not allergic to chicken. I have no personal experience with the Organic food you mention. You are right to read the label of all foods you consider, they are not always as advertised! The key to a hypo-allergenic diet is to have a unique protein source such as salmon, rabbit or venison, and a unique carbohydrate source such as brown rice or potatoes. We are using a Blue Diamond salmon based diet at our sanctuary which may meet you needs.