Feline Cancer

My 15 year old grey and white cat is believed to have a tumor in her nasal passages. She’s still spunky and lively but she’s sneezing blood. Our Vet thinks it’s being caused by a tumor, and we are going to do some more testing. Over the last few months I have done some research on the use of hemp oil for curing cancer, and I see examples of it on your website. We’ve lost 2 cats to cancer and I really don’t want to lose a 3rd. I live in NY, do you know of any places that will ship it to me or any places on the east coast where I can obtain it? Any feedback would be great! I also found this hemp oil online. I would love to get involved with your mission to save all animals.


Answer from Dr. Gaylord Brown:
We do include hemp oil as part of our overall treatment plan to treat cancers of all types. We consider it an important adjuvant therapy. We do not depend on this product as the sole treatment for any type of cancer. You should consider this as only a part of the treatment plan and proceed with all additional modalities available for your animal’s type of cancer. We have our hemp oil shipped from Canada. There are numerous sites on the internet where this product can be purchased. The product should be cold pressed and guaranteed THC free. We use 1 ml orally daily for an average size cat. The only side effect I have ever encountered is soft stool, which will resolve with a lower dose.


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