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Make Your Legacy Work For The Animals

Please keep this sanctuary alive for animals who face death in the wilderness by making D.E.L.T.A Rescue part of your estate planning. We care for our rescues . . . for life. This is what makes us different from everyone else.

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D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Estate Planning Package:

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    We Need Your Support!

    We are an organization dedicated to rescuing animals abandoned in the wilderness and stopping the cruel practice of animal abandonment.

    By being a part of our mission you are the difference between life and death for so many. You are rescuing marooned angels, and helping love and care for them daily at our “no-kill” sanctuary.

    We receive no help from the government and rely solely on donor contributions. Donor Privacy Policy.

    Legal Name: Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals
    Federal Tax ID: #95-3759277
    Address: P.O. Box 9, Glendale, CA 91209
    Telephone: (661) 269-4010

    Below we offer Miriam Bostwicks book “Animal News From Heaven”. We ask you to please read Leo Grillo’s Legacy Letter. And watch and share the feature film “The Rescuer”

    Enjoy this as an ebook from AmazonRead Leo's Legacy Letter NowWatch this movie now