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Every cat in this house was rescued form certain death

Our 800 cats live in three dozen air-conditioned indoor and outdoor catteries where they each enjoy three meals a day. The formerly feral cats now have a cozy place to sleep, and climbing trees to play on! We do not

Looking To Expand Volunteer Fire Brigade

The Sand Fire of July 2016 cost us a lot of money. We had to pay our staff for being there around the clock for days. We also had to pay the ex-firemen who manned our sanctuary engines and pumps

Animal Sanctuary in Need of Donations to Continue Operating Facility in Acton


D.E.L.T.A Rescue has been saving abandoned animals in Southern California for over 30 years and is need of donations due to rising operation costs. Sara Welch reports for the KTLA 5 News at 3 on April 19, 2017.

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UPDATE: The Sand Fire of July 2016

I called our staff and had them be ready to come to the sanctuary at night if need be. That night flames were visible in mountains above our animals.

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Actor gives home to abandoned pets

~From Associated Press Nearly 35 years ago, Leo Grillo thought he could get people to stop dumping dogs and cats in the forests and deserts of Southern California. He discovered quickly that wasn’t going to happen. There seems to be

Rescue complex a haven for 1,500 orphaned animals

~From MSN News Nearly 35 years ago, actor Leo Grillo thought he could get people to stop dumping dogs and cats in the forests and deserts of Southern California. After more than three decades, there is no end to the

D.E.L.T.A.: attore crea un santuario per gli animali abbandonati

~From Greenstyle Italy Leo Grillo, attore di Los Angels, non avrebbe mai immaginato che il suo amore per gli animali lo potesse condurre fino alla creazione di un santuario. L’uomo, da sempre attivo nella difesa dei randagi, era turbato dai

Animal Lover Creates Biggest Sanctuary in the US

~From Life With Dogs Leo Grillo used to believe that he could get people to stop abandoning their unwanted pets near the deserts of southern California, but he can’t. Instead, he has created an animal sanctuary that has saved the

Actor creates largest animal sanctuary in America

~From Dog Times Actor, producer, and animal advocate Leo Grillo really wishes people would stop abandoning their pets in the forests and deserts near his Southern California home. While there was a time 35 years ago Grillo thought he could