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Making Significant Contributions To Veterinary Medicine

Dr Gaylord Brown

In 1997 Leo Grillo received the EL BLANCO AWARD from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine for establishing the worlds first kidney dialysis center for dogs and cats. Since then DELTA Rescue and it’s two state-of-the-art hospitals with Chief Veterinarian Dr.

Question about vacines

I read your article on vaccinating so did I understand it right do you recommend only giving the shots every 3 years. I adopted a rescue 3 months ago and she 8 months to a year. They said they gave

An indoor cat

I hear conflicting info about whether an indoor cat with no contact with other animals needs the annual shots….they are rather expensive so I wanted to know if she needs these shots…thank you.

Question about indoor cat vaccination

We adopted a brother and sister from the same litter of cats. They were 8 weeks old at the time and had their first initial shots. We finished up the first round of shots and then we had them receive


I’m thinking about getting a parakeet and I want to know if there are any vaccinations or shot it needs to get.

Shots for older pets

I have some lady telling me that I don’t need to get my 4 1/2 year old yorkie shots anymore because you folks are stating that shots are killing older pets. True?