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Purple Blister on Dog Prepuce

I have a 4yr old neutered Chihuahua that I found has a purple/blood like blister on the top of his prepuce just on the outside of the opening to his penis in the hair area. I very gently squeezed it

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Extreme matting on my cat

I have a two year old long hair kitty that is part of my rescued family (I have 10 rescued indoor kitties). She is part of the small feral community that live in my back yard so of course there

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Inclusion Cyst

I have a 9yr old Beagle with an inclusion cyst, it doesn’t bother him at all but it is growing. Currently it’s about the size of a golf ball. I was curious at to what you thought the course of

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Treat Cat’s Nose Topically With Hemp Oil

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and offering your advice to people in need. We have a cat who is roughly 9 years old now. Because our situation has changed drastically we

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Applying multiple brands of flea meds on dogs

I am so impressed with all the wonderful things y’all are doing for those very fortunate rescues! Thank you for caring. I usually deflea with Frontline Plus or Advantage II on my 40 plus rescued dogs/cats. Recently I found a

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