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Inclusion Cyst

I have a 9yr old Beagle with an inclusion cyst, it doesn’t bother him at all but it is growing. Currently it’s about the size of a golf ball. I was curious at to what you thought the course of

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Possible tumor in cats nasal passage

Dear Dr. My 9 yr old kitty started sneezing about 5 months ago. I took her to the vet when her face started to swell on one side, up side of her nose and under her eye. Without extensive testing

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What food should I give my dogs

I have 3 small dogs – a 6.5 year old yorkie poo (<6 lbs), an 11 year old shih tzu (13 lbs) and a 12.5 year old maltese (13 lbs). As they share food, what is the best option that

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Feline Cancer

My 15 year old grey and white cat is believed to have a tumor in her nasal passages. She’s still spunky and lively but she’s sneezing blood. Our Vet thinks it’s being caused by a tumor, and we are going

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Question about vomiting

I have a 12 year old shitz-u who has been vomiting since she was a puppy. I have been very careful with not changing food and she gets no table food. I have consulted my vet and the only thing

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Treat Cat’s Nose Topically With Hemp Oil

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and offering your advice to people in need. We have a cat who is roughly 9 years old now. Because our situation has changed drastically we

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13 year old dog not eating after teeth extracted

What should the post operative treatment be for a 13 year old dog who had 7 teeth extracted 9 days ago and still isn’t eating normally? Currently he is in a vet clinic on an IV (without pain medication) and

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Cooling pad and bladder

Doctor Brown, To keep our 14 year old black chow cool we recently purchased from a catalog a pad with a gel inside that keeps the pad about 5 or 10 degrees cooler than the room’s temperature. Last night was

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Question about vacines

I read your article on vaccinating so did I understand it right do you recommend only giving the shots every 3 years. I adopted a rescue 3 months ago and she 8 months to a year. They said they gave

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Applying multiple brands of flea meds on dogs

I am so impressed with all the wonderful things y’all are doing for those very fortunate rescues! Thank you for caring. I usually deflea with Frontline Plus or Advantage II on my 40 plus rescued dogs/cats. Recently I found a

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