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Question about medication

My cat Baby, who is 18 years, just had a physical. She’s in good health except she is blind from high blood pressure which is now controlled with meds. Her back legs seem to be painful from arthritis and the

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Fatty tumors in my dog

I have a 13 year old mixed breed dog. She is all muscle and weighs about 90 pounds.Tasha developed two tumors, one in the right side of her neck and one in her lower left side around her waist area,about

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What is cause of bad breath in cats

My cat Cody has bad breath. He is a neutered 4-6 year old male striped tabby who throws up periodically (about every 10 days or so) but doesn’t seem sick. My vet has ordered a blood workup, results not yet

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Liver levels increased after tooth extraction and antibiotics

Our dog had some swelling on her face and it was determined that she had cracked a molar. A blood test was done prior to the extraction. She was administered many drugs for anesthesia and pain during the procedure then

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Administering hemp oil

Thank you so much for your quick response to my previous questions. I have another question regarding hemp oil. Can you give it orally or does it have to be mixed with food??

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Question about a brace

Hello! I have a healthy little keeshound dog rescued from ga. He presents with a right front paw that he doesn’t use and keeps it up. Took to vet, no breaks but likely neuropathy. Was chewing on it but cleared

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Question about seizures

A friend’s 16 week old hairless Chinese crested has had seizures. her vet, for some reason, refuses to do a bile enzyme test…only standard blood work. they are in the UK and I am in the US. when my CC

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Bladder cancer and kidney disease

One of my cats has kidney disease-will hemp oil help. if so what dosage, she weighs 5 lbs. My other cat has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, we have ordered hemp oil,she weighs 7.6 lbs-is 1 ml okay to give.

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Question about alergies and seizures

My American bulldog was at the vets for a wk stay,(kennel)in may, I told them to give him all his shots before he came home, including flea pill etc, he had a shot for kennel cough also, when I pkd

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Extreme matting on my cat

I have a two year old long hair kitty that is part of my rescued family (I have 10 rescued indoor kitties). She is part of the small feral community that live in my back yard so of course there

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