Thank you for our fire engine!

Fire engineThank you for our fire engine! We also have a fire crew to run it, though in a
pinch I can run it alone.

We are preparing our grounds for the eventual fire, and we have our structure and
animal protection plans mapped out.

We have also formed the D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Fire Brigade! Our first response will beat the government Fire Departments by at least 20-minutes, more in a wind-driven fire or firestorm. And thanks to one supporter, the company that makes the red fire retardant that you see dropped from planes, is designing a ground application engine for us too. Stay tuned, there is a way that this product can save your animals and your home too!



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D.E.L.T.A. Rescue receives no help from the government and relies solely on donor contributions. Supporters may tour the Sanctuary at our scheduled members only tours.

Please Make A DonationWe are a certified 501c3 organization – Tax ID #: 95-3759277

To donate via credit card or Paypal click the heart link.

Learn how you can help. We need your support!


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